BHP and MCA at loggerheads on coal, again: ACCR

Commenting on the Mineral Council of Australia’s renewed advocacy for HELE coal, Executive Director of Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility (ACCR) Brynn O’Brien said:

“The clear, formal request from BHP to MCA to refrain from hardline coal advocacy has had no effect. Instead of taking BHP’s review and the concerns of its shareholders seriously, MCA is back  to its old tricks, continuing this disproven nonsense that HELE coal is “clean”.

“BHP’s leadership and investors should be furious. There’s a whiff of the absurd about how ferociously the MCA is spruiking coal. There’s a sense of the hypermasculine, of an almost adolescent defiance of BHP’s request.

“The roots of climate obstructionism at the MCA were always deeper than former chief executive Brendan Pearson. We now have the MCA’s David Byers and Greg Evans, both out in the national media, continuing their relentless promotion of coal.

“While BHP may have given the MCA 12 months to change its behaviour, we’re only a few weeks into the year and the MCA have demonstrated no interest whatsoever in complying with the request.

“There is the very real risk that BHP will be dragged by the MCA it into further unnecessary and damaging controversy over the next 12 months. BHP’s response will be under close observation by its shareholders.


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HoldfastBHP and MCA at loggerheads on coal, again: ACCR